Established in 1971, the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) is the leading provider of information, support, and services for employee assistance professionals and other affiliate professionals interested in behavioral health issues affecting the workplace. Membership in EAPA can help you to meet the complex needs of the workplace of today and the challenges of tomorrow. 


Individuals engaged in employee assistance related activities, including direct services, management, consulting, teaching, and research; organizations and individuals interested in or supportive of employee assistance services or professionals. EAPA members include: ​ Counselors * Human Resource Professionals * Social Workers * Benefits Specialists * Psychologists * Risk Management Experts * Substance Abuse Practitioners * Organizational Development Professionals * Behavioral Health Specialists * Students-Our Future EA Professionals! 

EAPA Membership Is A Positive Return on Your Investment. Membership yields a host of benefits: 

Education and Training: EAPA's professional development activities include year-round in-person and online training, workshops, and information sessions to enhance your skills and career development.
Professional Certification: EAPA sponsors the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP*) credential, the only credential that denotes mastery of the body of knowledge and commitment to the ethical standards required for effective employee assistance practice. ​
Journal of Employee Assistance: EAPA's quarterly magazine, available to members only, provides in-depth looks at the important issues, trends, and best practices every employee assistance professional needs to know.
World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Annual EA Conference: Each year, EAPA hosts the world's premier conference devoted to employee assistance and related issues, bringing together over 1,000 professionals and organizations to network, recharge, and share their knowledge and experience. ​
Professional Networking Opportunities: EAPA's education and training activities, annual conference, and worldwide network of chapters and branches offer local, regional, and international opportunities to gain the tools, information, and contacts you need to build your skills, add value to your services, and enhance your career.
Public Policy Awareness: EAPA monitors, analyzes, and informs members about important public policy issues that may affect employee assistance practice at local, state/provincial, national and international levels; and when appropriate, informs and educates policy makers about issues important to members and the profession.
Expansive Network of Chapters: EAPA's more than 90 chapters and branches throughout the world provide close-to-home professional education opportunities and offer members a forum to meet, give and receive support, and share knowledge and experiences with other professionals who understand what they do for a living.
Members-only online resources: The EAPA website provides up-to-the minute employee assistance related news gathered from sources worldwide; online interactive tools such as the SAP qualifying examination, EAP Career Central, and the key field searchable provider and member directories; as well as white papers, useful handouts, other information to enhance employee assistance services and members' careers.
Global Connections: As companies become multinational in today's global economy, they look for and rely on international employee assistance capabilities. EAPA's international membership and presence in over 30 countries allows you to find qualified colleagues and services wherever you need them- and it allows them to find you! an answer here.

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or you can reach the chapter president, Marci Stafford, at [email protected] or (503) 330-4497